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Art, Technology and the Forest

May 19, 2018 - September 30, 2018 Curated by Haema Sivanesan | Founders, Drury, Centennial, Ker and Lab Galleries....

Twentieth century photography has made an important contribution to constructing the idea of the forest as natural heritage, promoting the beauty of national parks and forest landscapes. However, contemporary artists, drawing on this legacy, and working with new photo-based technologies, are bringing a critical lens to this history of representation.

Supernatural: Art, Technology and the Forest features contemporary photo and video-based work by artists working in British Columbia who are using technology to consider the idea of the forest as a social and cultural artefact. The exhibition explores how photographic technologies have mediated and shaped our relationship to forests and forest ecologies; and how computer generated imaging and 3D technologies are suggesting the need for a new approach to our relationship with the trees.  

Featuring artists Mike McLean, Kelly Richardson, Carol Sawyer, Sandra Semchuk, Sandra Semchuk and Ayumi Goto, Dan Siney, Trudi Lynn Smith, Leila Sujir, and Ian Wallace.

*Please note that we will be previewing Kelly Richardson’s The Erudition starting from April 20 in the Founders Gallery.

Kelly Richardson, The Erudition (2010), Installation view: NGCA (UK), 3 screen, 48’ x 9’, HD video with sound, 20 minute loop. Courtesy of the artist and Birch Contemporary, Photo credit: Colin Davison.
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