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Family Sundays


Sunday April 21, 2-4pm

“Food For Thought”

Food can serve as a rich subject for creative exploration, evoking memories, marking celebrations and representing our unique cultures and histories. Inspired by the exhibition Crossing, we’ll look closer at the role food plays in the work of Chrystal Phan. Find an easel and create your own unique still life of apples, explore printmaking creating watermelon gift wrapping paper, design a terracotta pot, and even transform into food yourself at our photo station as we consider the role of food in our lives and its connection to art.


* Please note that Family Sundays are included with admission
Admission is always free for the following groups:

Family Sunday happens every third Sunday of the month from October – June, and is an afternoon of exploring hands-on art-making and ideas for all ages. This recurring program often features special guests like storytellers, artists, performers or musicians.

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