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Family Sundays


Sunday,  December 20 | Dark Sky/Bright Stars

Join us for this exciting online collaboration with our friends and sister organization Pacific Opera Victoria (POV)! Stay tuned for the video release on Dec 20 on our Youtube channel here.

The winter solstice marks a time when we celebrate the return of the light after the darkest day of the year (December 21). In Dark Sky/ Bright Stars, families will be invited to explore the winter solstice- the darkest day of the year, and the move to light- through sound, experiential activities, hands-on art making, and music.

Your host and guide: Rebecca Hass, Director of Community Engagement
Artists and video clips
Charlotte Siegel, soprano
Simran Claire, Mezzo soprano
Kaden Forsberg, Tenor
Micah Schroeder, Baritone
Clips from past Pacific Opera productions

You will need: flashlight, a dark space or a blanket fort, paper and drawing supplies.

Dark and Light in Voices
4-6 clips will be shared of performances by singers with songs that illustrate clearly light themes and dark themes. These will be evident in the voice (the tone or colour of the sound) and the piano accompaniment (melody and dynamics) Viewers will be invited to create an experiential space to hear the music and feel the dark and the light.

How do we inhabit light and dark?
In a fort or dark room, how do you feel light and dark with your flashlight as your paintbrush?

Make your Creatures of light and dark
As you listen to the music- what creature reflects the night? Which one the day? Move around the space as a family embodying your creature and try to guess – Who is a creature of light? Who is a creature of dark?

In the meanwhile, check out our recent Family Sunday videos on our YouTube channel here!

Family Sunday happens every third Sunday of the month October – June, and is an afternoon of exploring hands-on art-making and ideas for all ages. This recurring program often features special guests like storytellers, artists, performers or musicians.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this special offering from our June Family Sunday… A free coloring book created by the Tah’lum Indigenous Artists Collective Society!  The colouring book (featuring artists Natassia Davies and Sarah Jim) supports Indigenous Language learning so be sure to download this wonderful tool ahead of time (see link below and check out the video featuring the Collective here). This program is part of our new digital arts initiative, FIELD TRIP: ART ACROSS CANADA.


The Tah’lum Indigenous Artists Collective Society was founded in March of 2019 to provide advocacy, mentorship, and further opportunity for Indigenous Artists. During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the collective wanted to find a way to reach out to folks of all ages currently in lockdown. The idea for the colouring book has grown far beyond its modest inception, and it has become a wonderful tool for supporting Indigenous Language learning. Three volumes of the books are planned, with a final expanded compilation volume planned for later this summer.