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Gallery Associates, Virtual Event

Sunday Art Lecture: Salvador Dalí’s Paranoiac Vision with Dr. Elliott H. King

Mar 21 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join us via Zoom for the 2021 Gallery Associates Sunday Art Lecture Series: The Visionary Eye: Surrealism from Europe to North America! Explore how surrealist artists in Europe, Canada, and the United States tried to free the mind from the oppression of rationalism, conformity, and the ordinary in order to experience new ways of seeing.

“It is the greatest painting since Raphael. As a matter of fact, it is very much like Raphael.” Salvador Dalí was speaking here of his own Santiago El Grande (1957). Controversial since its arrival to the Beaverbrook Gallery (Fredericton, NB) in 1959, Dalí’s nuclear depiction of the Spanish Saint appears in many ways the antithesis of his early-1930s miniatures steeped in psychoanalysis. But perhaps the division is not so straightforward. In this presentation, Dr. King will discuss the trajectory of Dalí’s career from surrealism to ‘mysticism,’ including the longevity of the ‘paranoiac-critical method’ – Dalí’s means of ‘voluntary hallucination,’ conceived in the early 1930s. Although Dalí broke from surrealism in 1940, describing himself as an apostolic Catholic and ‘ex-surrealist,’ he never abandoned ‘paranoiac vision’ as his primary vehicle of artistic inspiration.




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