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New Extreme

New Extreme Mentorship Program – Connecting local artists and youth!

The New Extreme Program pairs local artists with groups of youth across Victoria, and together they explore various aspects of being an artist and engaging with contemporary art. Every spring, groups learn about: Artistic concepts, creative processes, writing an artist statement (or manifesto) and creating and sharing an artistic project/s.

What’s happening in 2021:

So You Wanna Be a DJ:
Tera Greene aka ‘DJ Nova Jade’ is an award-winning DJ. She and a local class of 13-14 year olds, who are super passionate about sound & music-making will be exploring the wonderful world of DJ’ing, and how it intersects with social justice. Stay tuned for glimpses of their process.

About Tera:

DJ Nova Jade’s taste in music is eclectic and substantially diverse, and she has been featured in music festivals, fitness centers, and even inside of art gallery spaces for events like the AGGV’s popular Urbanite event.

The host of the popular Bad Rabbit Radio on SUB.FM, Nova* plays house and bass music bi-weekly for a worldwide audience. As an educator and “artivist”, Ms. Jade* has been invited to teach workshops on the fusion of dance, movement and music at the Patel Conservatory in the United States, and in events for high-risk/at-risk youth and for adults as a pathway for rehabilitation. Before she was a DJ, Nova Jade* was a dancer. She is a self-proclaimed “DJ’s DJ” and her sincere intention for every event is to help you move in some way: physically, emotionally, and otherwise.

BIPOC Women Victoria’s Coup Des Déesses (Strike of the Goddesses) is creating a new mural!  In partnership with New Extreme, CRD, Open Space and Belfry Theatre.

In the words of Aya Behr & Aisha Haq  (youth co-ordinators for the project):
“BIPOC Women Victoria is an intergenerational art collective of women, girls, femmes, and non-binary folks taking up space and creating art.

We wanted to start the Coup des Deesses project because we found that it was challenging to make friends and create community in Victoria, especially with other BIPOC people, and even more so youth. We decided to make it an arts based group because we find that groups are best formed when there’s a goal and you get to know people best when you’re all working towards a goal and problem solving and doing something constructive.

Over the fall and winter we have gathered a group of young women, femmes and non-binary BIPOC folks to learn from our mothers, aunties and an incredible group of BIPOC artists who have shared their work and skills with us.  Some of our guest artists/mentors to date include:  Kemi Craig, Farheen Haq, Rita Dhamoon, Serena Bhandar, Stephanie Papik, Emily Thiessen, and Sarah Jim.   We continue to work with Emily Thiessen and Sarah Jim as we finalize our mural.

The mural at the AGGV is our first project which we are calling Coup Des Deesses (Strike of the Goddesses). It originated from thinking about the idea of a coup.  We like the idea of a goddess takeover and feminine ancestors. Because ancestors and religion, involving goddesses, and deities similar to goddesses, are something that spans across all cultures.

The mural is going to represent the community of BIPOC youth that is already here and still being brought together on Lkwungen and WSANEC territory.  The images we are using will be centered around ancestors, strong women, and empowering and lifting each other up as marginalized folks. Stay tuned for the reveal. For more info check out our IG page: @bipoc_women_victoria”.