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Gallery Associates Sunday Art Lecture Series 2021

The Visionary Eye: Surrealism from Europe to North America

Moderated by Dr. Dan Mato

Join the Gallery Associates and explore how surrealist artists in Europe, Canada, and the United States tried to free the mind from the oppression of rationalism, conformity, and the ordinary in order to experience new ways of seeing. The eye, which exists on the threshold between the inner self and the external world, was often depicted by surrealist artists in painting, sculpture, and even jewelry. This series of four illustrated lectures discuss unsettling, humorous, absurd, even shocking works but also how surrealists were influenced by Canada’s West Coast First Nations artwork, and how several of Salvador Dali’s famous paintings ended up in Fredericton.

Due to the situation with COVID-19, we are holding these lectures online. The new webinar format of Zoom will enable you to enjoy them from the safety and comfort of your own home:

Single Tickets: $25 General Admission; $20 Gallery Members and Students
Series of 4 lectures: $75 General Admission; $60 Gallery Members and Students (buy series tickets by March 7).


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visitor Services 250-384-4171

March 7, 2021 2pm–4pm PST Dr. Celia Rabinovitch. Understanding the Surrealist Imagination. LEARN MORE
March 14, 2021 2pm-4 pm PST Colin Browne. Wolfgang Paalen’s Northwest Passage. LEARN MORE
March 21, 2021 2pm-4 pm PST Dr. Elliott King. Salvador Dali’s Paranoiac Vision. LEARN MORE
March 28, 2021 2pm-4 pm PST Dr. Celia Rabinovitch. Women Surrealists Through Their Own Eyes. LEARN MORE