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[un]packed: three interactive stages

A Presentation by UVIC Applied Theatre Students at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria | Nov 22, 3:30-4:30

What’s in your suitcase?

[Un]packed: three interactive stages is a triple bill of theatrical performances created to complement current interactive exhibition BRAINSTORM. AGGV is evolving, and so are we as people. Three fourth-year UVic Applied Theatre students explore self-reflection through three stages of “baggage” within the exhibition; search, sort, and display what you deem is important.

Student Biographies:

Megan Husanini-Chandler is a biracial theatre artist who grew up in California, Singapore, and Australia. She strives to incorporate her experiences as a “third culture kid” into her work and is most interested in using art to bridge cultures. Although a Canadian citizen from birth, she moved to Canada for the first time upon coming to UVIC. She facilitated an exploration of race and beauty standards in her project Foundation and subsequently created a Thai version of the same project upon her semester in Bangkok. Travel has defined Megan through her life and she dreams of working in an international arts community while living abroad. Her section of the piece invites the audience into a moment of change while travelling. She must decide what to keep and what to leave behind, which is a challenge she will surely face in the future again and again.

Shayla Pready will be graduating UVic this spring with BFA in Theatre and a Minor in Business. Her primary focus is on Drama in Education, which explores how the dramatic process can enhance the education curriculum, and inspire creative and critical thinking. Like Sir Edward Hall once said: “Education should be related with transformation rather than information only.” Over the past four years Shayla has membered in applied theatre performances for UVic’s Student Alternative Theatre Company, Our Place Society, Luther Court Society, Reynolds High School, and Tillicum Elementary School. She is excited to continue her journey as an applied theatre practitioner after her degree and pursue a Bachelor’s in Education.

Lahna Lampson sees theatre a an incredible tool to change perspectives, encourage self-development and begin to shape consciousnesses. Lahna is in her fourth year in the UVIC Applied Theatre program, and her third year of completing a minor in psychology. She plans on working a few years as an applied theatre practitioner before applying to graduate school for drama therapy. Lahna feels that this project is a great opportunity to become involved in another area of the arts community in Victoria, by applying theatre to a traditionally visual arts area. She believes that this interpretation of the growth and introspection in the Greater Victoria Art gallery, will help enliven and inspire the community to become more involved and practice self evolution in their own life as well.