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Marshall Hugh Kaiser

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’m a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I began creating art early on as a young child and come from a family of artisans, woodcarvers and ship builders.

For me, painting is the experience of seeing translated to the canvas by way of the heart. As a figurative artist, the process is about the subversion of realistic elements in order to achieve an ‘otherness’. Often in my work, a feeling of impending darkness or the elimination of any human presence provides the viewer with the sense of experiencing the place long after others have left.

I’m mostly influenced by North American Post-Impressionism. However, the single most influential artist for me is the painter Rockwell Kent. His dark, carved out landscapes, loosely and expertly illustrated, continue to resonate with me years after seeing an exhibition of his works in the mid-80’s.

Over the years there has been a definite transition in my work from high detail to a looser brush stroke concerned with atmospheric qualities. I begin work with a field drawing of the subject and then sketch it loosely on the canvas with brush strokes. The detail is achieved through layering.

My work has earned the People’s Choice Award at the Sooke Fine Art Show twice and the Designer’s Choice Award at the Sidney Fine Arts Show. My paintings have been collected both nationally and internationally.


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