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Lucy Schappy


Lucy Schappy’s wildly optimistic paintings are a form of visual poetry that express her love of life. Symbols and colour resonate together to form a dreamy playground for the heart and mind. Her process is spontaneous and improvisational. Starting each new piece is an adventure that has no known end in sight. The process leads the journey and the outcome is unknown, a conversation evolves on the canvas of question and answer, each mark leading the next in a dance of brush and paint. The resolution of each piece comes at the end of a struggle to find balance and harmony amongst all of the aspects of the visual field.

Lucy’s work is informed by the things she cherishes the most: light and colour, nature and space and time. Abstract work invites personal interpretation and engages the imagination, every painting tells a story and that story is unique to the viewer. Playful optimism is the common theme repeating in Schappy’s odes of gratitude to the world.


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