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Bill Hibberd

“When exploring a gallery for the first time I always encountervisual stimuli, the majority of which will interest me to a measured degree. Very occasionally, a piece will slay me, my heart will race, accelerating blood will flush my skin, dopamine will explode in my brain, I may even weep. All these symptoms result from interfacing with my perception of Beauty. All of my efforts in painting are driven by my desire to create work that will resonate with and communicate this Beauty to my fellow humans.

If Beauty is my muse, then my subjects are those special locations that the Celts called the “thin places”. These places are mysterious, even supernatural, where there is a very thin veil between the physical and the divine worlds. You recognize those places where Beauty resides.

My process is to immerse myself in my subject, observing and mentally composing ideas. I paint indirectly using many layers of transparent glazes to create a translucent and somewhat ambiguous effect. I am also exploring ways to create texture, to express my feelings about the subjects. I love to explore impulsive techniques, accepting or rejecting them depending whether or not they enhance the piece.

You may notice the Awen symbol appearing in my paintings. The Druids had a word Awen which describes the phenomenon of”spirit flow”. I, like most artists, crave this period of being in the creative zone when the art is taken over by unseen forces and magic happens.

My calling is to discover, revel in and share the Beauty of our world.”

Bill lives and paints in the Cowichan Valley. He frequently visits Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the people that inspire him. Bill’s preferred mediums are oil, silver and gold leaf. He teaches workshops and mentors when possible, but devotes the majority of time creating new work in this amazing place.


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