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Rice is Life

September 19, 2008 - September 19, 2008

Presented by ODLUM BROWN
Supported by Libra – The Rice People and The Market on Yates

Rice is Life, co-organized by the Vancouver Museum and the Canadian Society of Asian Arts, draws upon a rich variety of art and material culture from a dozen Asian countries to explore the traditional significance of rice for this region’s people. It highlights the cultural underpinnings of the world?s most important food crop ? the staple that sustains nearly one half of all humankind, by exploring some of the major philosophies and religious traditions. This is an object-rich and image-rich exhibit that explores the material culture produced by some of the traditional rice-based cultures, and also focuses on present political and socio-economic issues associated with global rice production.
The exhibit will explore important issues related to the future of rice, such as water and land management, the use of science to foster sustainable rice development, economic policy issues, as well as environmental protection.

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