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LAB 5.0: Adrienne Lai Recollected

April 15, 2005 - April 15, 2005

Through this LAB project, Vancouver artist Adrienne Lai explores how memory and history can physically manifest in a space through traces such as decay, wear and tear, and lived experience. What can this visual evidence, these remnants, presented via photography, tell us about past events or experiences Recollected is a series of photographs that investigates the representation of memory through the depiction of the architectural space of the Art Gallery. For this project, Lai has requested the participation of the local community, inviting past and present gallery employees, volunteers, members and attendees to submit memories, stories or fragments associated with the Gallery’s architecture. Lai will then create a selection of the submitted stories via photographs. The stories will be digitally inserted onto the photographs, appearing as textual elements within the photographic space to contrast the recollection with its found/restaged depiction. The project investigates the strengths and weaknesses of the two systems language and photography as taxonomies for representing lived experience and memory. Through this work, Lai hopes to provide a space for the contemplation of private histories within a public site, and to examine how the apparently insignificant can play an important role in cultural experience.

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