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George Wallace: Sculpture and Graphics

April 27, 2001 - April 27, 2001

This exhibition consists of etchings, monotypes, prints, and figurative sculptures. Almost all of the prints are satirical in intention and in this respect continue a long established tradition of printmaking, much as prints by Daumier and Dix and many others who deplore and mock the vices and follies of society. They, like drawings, reveal the distinctive “hand writing” of the artist.

The sculptures are of two kinds: the large figures are made of welded steel, while the group of heads “Ten Characters from a Spanish Comedy” are made in wax and cast in bronze and also have a satiric intention.

While prints may show us the gestures that went into their making, sculptures often invite us to touch them. But just as prints are more than a record of hand gesture, sculpture can be more than an invitation to touch.

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