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Tender Touch

November 25, 2023 - May 5, 2024 Curated by Mel Granley, AGGV Assistant Curator

Tender Touch delves into Victoria’s unique and proliferating tattoo community. In recent years, the tattoo industry in Victoria has grown considerably, with more and more queer and BIPOC artists beginning their career and opening up their own tattoo shops in town. Alternatives to the traditional western tattoo scene, these spaces are bastions for many seeking to adorn themselves with ink.

The exhibition will invite several contemporary tattoo artists in Victoria to show their work and explain their connection to tattooing as an art practice. The exhibition will explore tattooing as a source of bodily autonomy and a practice that requires a sense of trust between tattoo artist and tattoo receiver. Artists participating in this show are Simran Dhaliwal, Kaman Lu, Mina Malahay Raposo, Geri Kramer, and Grae Salisbury.

Image Credit: Grae Salisbury, Embroidered (2023), Burlap, yarn, thread, pencil, 20x30" | Grae Salisbury, Held (2023), digital drawing | Installation Images, Courtesy of AGGV
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