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Talk & Weave with Estraven Lupino-Smith

Aug 11 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In conjunction with our current exhibition Reverberations, join artist Estraven Lupino-Smith for an artist talk and hands on weaving workshop. Participants are invited to bring materials for weaving that are meaningful to them in some way (fabrics, fibers, plants, etc.). Supplies for weaving will also be provided.

The workshop offers participants a chance to think about the potential meaning inherent in materials and the act of weaving itself. As seen in the works shared by Lupino-Smith in the exhibition, they use invasive plant species as “a meditation on varieties of elements and entities that exist in complex entanglements on these territories. Trapping the plants in the warp is an act of binding, like a spell that attempts to stop causing harm.” As a settler of Italian, Scottish and Irish ancestry, they also look back to their ancestors for inspiration and context for how they might explore their practice. “On both sides of my family, handwork and acts of creation were part of the everyday. There were people who grew food, made wine, were tailors who made their family‚Äôs clothes, and weavers.” Through their work Lupino-Smith also considers the environmental impacts of harvesting natural materials, which is evident in older teachings: “There was [also] a completely different understanding and relationship to land. In my current work I research how weavers once held knowledge about natural cycles and seasons in order to know when to gather fibers and how to intervene in their environments to increase yields and protect plants from over-harvesting.” Lupino-Smith’s work is on display in Reverberations until September 25, 2022.

The Gallery will be open admission by donation, but registration is required for this workshop. Click the link below to secure your spot! 


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