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Be part of our journey as we reflect on the role of the Gallery in the community. Through these programs, we have the opportunity to explore how cultural institutions can rethink ways of doing, and be spaces that are relevant, engaging and responsive to a range of communities and experiences.

Admission by donation. Everyone welcome.



A Community Conversation
May 16, 2019  7:00 – 9:00pm

This community conversation is Part 2 in our exploration of the power of walking within walking based public programs and art practices. How might the act of moving through an environment be a form of activism, or how can that act reinforce colonial ways of being? When engaged in off-site programming, how do we responsibly deliver our programming in the public realm? What is the history of walking, walking tours and the dynamics that emerge in those interactions? How might those interactions account for the history and current state of the sites they encounter?