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Truth and Reconciliation Resources

The AGGV has immense gratitude for the collaborations, partnerships, and relationships that have developed with Indigenous community members and organizations over the years. The staff at the gallery acknowledge the great responsibility that comes with these relationships, to do good work and do well by those who have shared their time and knowledge with us. The weight of that is very humbling and also mobilizing.

The work ahead, for settlers, is to address the systemic barriers and racism that exist in the DNA of arts institutions. The gallery team is aware of the depth of work and action needed to shift our practices beyond the status quo. The work has started and there is much more to come. It is with openness and a strong desire for change that the AGGV aims to seek out other ways of doing that serve, with deep respect, the many communities in this region. Moving forward together, the gallery will work to create space for open dialogue and healing.

We also have the following list of resources that AGGV staff have found helpful in their learning so be sure to add these to your reading list: