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Stephen Gordon


“My photographic interest started when I was a young boy of 7 years. Two things fascinated me the most, the magic of Polaroid and ducks. I had an old brownie camera and a homemade pin hole camera, guess it was the fascination of capturing an image onto negative and then to a photo that intrigued me.

Growing up in South Africa, my family would take us on holidays to the Kruger National Park, and I remember spending countless hours at waterholes watching the animals come and go. I would photograph all these animals from Lions, to elephants, Hippos, you name it. Guess this is where my interest in wildlife photography started. After studying economics, yes you guessed it economics, at university I spent a year in London following my passion, which was not economics, but photography. I was very fortunate and lucky to land a job (not earning money, but I guess an apprenticeship and experience) at Hipgnosis, a record album design studio. This was the single biggest influence in my life. This is where I learnt to look at the everyday in a different way. I worked with the best and learnt from the best.

I emigrated to Canada in 1987, and worked as a Director/Cameraman shooting and directing commercials. Canada embraced my family and I and I embraced the country and the opportunities. As a director/ cameraman, I won many international and national awards and continue to do so. As a photographer I have had shows at different galleries around the world. In Portugal, South Africa, France and the UK.

I also founded Art For Aids Orphans and every year I would hold a show and auction off the work to raise money for AIDS Orphans, through the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation. I have showed my works with other world renown photographers, such as Annie Liebovitz, Nick Brandt, Robert Bateman, Late Herb Ritts and David Goldblatt. My work has also appeared in National geographic, CA, OneShow, Photo Graphics and Creative Review.”


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