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Sandhu Singh


Sandhu Singh is an award-winning watercolor artist living in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Sandhu grew up in India and moved to Canada in his early 20’s. After settling in Victoria he worked at a variety of jobs. As a cook he found that he had a flare for putting together flavors and textures. Later on he also enjoyed creating through gardening and photography – capturing life from many different angles. While working and pursuing these hobbies, he also became a registered nurse. In 2005 he took his first art class and was surprised how much he enjoyed watercolours. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion.

The watercolour medium is unforgiving and complex, but there also is a softness that creates a mood that is both powerful and understated. He believes that composition is the most important part of a painting, He tries to capture the essence of the subject using strong tonal values along with bright colours to achieve balance. He states that the act of painting is unpredictable and at the same time exciting. It happens quickly under the brush and transforms itself. as he paints. Sandhu sees life from new perspectives taking on many forms, colours and shapes.

Sandhu’s work portrays daily life in busy street scenes, seascapes with haze and mist, and rural landscapes. Most important he approaches his subject in a fearless manner and uses looseness to portray its movement. He is particularly thrilled when his painting tells a story and a viewer connects with the scene saying how for them it evokes a memory, a thought or emotion.


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