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Patrick Christie


Patrick is an Industrial Designer by trade, and uses his love of exploring our natural environment to fuel his design and art-making practices.  By experimenting with the composition and deconstruction of BC wood species and applying bright defining colour, Christie creates other-worldly sculptures that take on lives of their own.  Also the founder of Space to Space,  ‘a community-based modular co-working space designed to accommodate the needs of individual artists, groups, special projects and events’, Christie explains “I thought we needed a place like this in Vancouver so I started one, and it continues to evolve today.”  

“Since graduating from art school just over a decade ago I’ve been exploring sides of myself and applying my skills in various ways, centred around creating with wood. I’ve taken on roles as a participant, organizer, craftsperson, designer, curator, host, builder, project manager, and volunteer. Still, at the end of the day, I’m just a human living life as an artist. The diversity of my experiences and the opportunities I’ve had have empowered me with knowledge and technical skills that I can apply across a range of projects. I am grateful for the people who have given me a chance, mentored me and supported me through some unique and ambitious projects.  I believe strongly in collaboration and the magic that happens when people join forces and create things together 1+1=3.”

Originally from Victoria, Christie now lives and creates in Vancouver, BC. 

Within the AR&S program you will see works from Patrick’s following series: Eternal Guardians, Zyurangers, and Travellers of Time, Space and Matter


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