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Nathan Davis


Nathan NAZO Davis is a visual artist with roots in graffiti. For over three decades he has created art that has influenced generations of artists around the world. His vibrant colours and skillful techniques learned at an early age lend well to his current mediums of choice.

“Creating art is very therapeutic for me, the process of emptying my heart and soul into each piece I create helps me clear my head and sort myself out. Ever since I was a child I’ve used art as a way for me to deal with the bad times and enhance the good times, using colour and canvas as my form of expression.”

From custom model trains to portraits to large-scale abstracts, Nathans work has evolved into an organic representation of what inspires him. Living in Victoria BC, in the Heart of Canada’s Oldest Chinatown, his surroundings are a muse from where his creativity flows.

“Life is short and during my time here I hope to keep creating pieces that not only make me feel good and represent me as an artist but make those around me smile.”


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