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Louise Monfette


Louise is both a painter and a sculptor.

Most of her sculptures are made in clay, fired, and then painted with acrylics. Copper or bronze paint is combined with other colors to give a metallic patina. Recently, she has been working on a series of seated people interacting.

Louise’s bronze sculptures are made by way of a complex and lengthy process. The original clay piece is delivered to the foundry where a mold is made. Hot wax is then poured into the mold. When cooled, the wax image is removed and coated in many layers of ceramic slurry. When bronze heated to 2000 °F is poured into the ceramic shell, the wax is displaced. Once cooled, the ceramic shell is chipped off and the bronze ground and polished. I return to the foundry to assist with the patina process, using a variety of chemicals, pigments and wax.

Louise has studied at the Ontario College of Art and the Victoria College of Art. Since graduating from Victoria College of Art in 2003, Louise has shown at galleries in Victoria and Vancouver. She has won juror’s awards from the Federation of Canadian Artists, Sooke Art Show and Victoria Look Show.


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