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Linny D. Vine

“I treasure the compliments that I receive from my Art Collectors;

“Your paintings make me feel happy … and I want to live in them!”

I’m thrilled that my inspiration, the joy that I feel for our world’s beauty, is felt through my Linnyland paintings.

To me, the visual world is a beautiful combination of colors, shapes and light swirling together in rhythmic patterns. When I paint I bring my interpretation of this beauty to the canvas.

Whether I paint with oils or acrylics in studio or en plein air, rather than doing any preliminary sketches, I take brush in hand and enjoy the freedom of spontaneously capturing my impressions of the light, color and sensation of life.

I love the magic that happens as imagination and inspiration dance together while I paint.

I’m intrigued by the unusual within the usual, the individual personality that I see in each tree, flower, building, person, vehicle, animal and cloud. I encourage these personalities to come alive in paintings of our rural, urban, and natural world.

My paintings celebrate life with all of its wonderful imperfections and character. Life is grand in Linnyland. “


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