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Joane Moran

Joane Moran creates realistically detailed oil paintings, capturing the illumination of colour to give each piece a “WOW” composition. Her work has an emotional and personal connection, with areas of mystery giving the viewer a sense of intrigue — as in the ‘Wild Blueberry’ Collection — drawing your eye to the depths of the background.

As a teenager she always wanted to paint, attending private and informal oil painting classes weekly, with the subjects being mainly English landscapes and seascapes. Joane loves to paint all subject matter. As an avid gardener, she is inspired by her surroundings and loves to paint what she grows. Joane has participated in many exhibitions in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria and close to home in the Cowichan Valley, winning several awards including ‘Signature Status’ with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

“Art to me is a love and addiction for creative expression through form and colour.  It truly is part of who I am and cannot imagine life without it.  Art makes our world a better place, especially right now.”


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