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Jeremy Herndl

Jeremy Herndl is a contemporary Canadian artist primarily focused on landscape painting, deeply intertwined with themes of environmentalism, the human relationship to place, and the impacts of colonialism. His artworks often portray the interaction between humans and nature, aiming to evoke empathy and awareness of ecological and sociopolitical issues through vibrant colors and textures. Herndl’s paintings are characterized by their engagement with specific landscapes, often painted en plein air, which is a technique where the artist paints outdoors to capture the direct impressions of the light and atmosphere. This method allows Herndl to explore the immediacy and sensory experiences of the landscapes he depicts, especially those threatened by environmental degradation and industrial exploitation.

Herndl’s work is not just a mere portrayal of the natural world but a commentary on the politics of land use, the legacies of colonization, and the inherent connection between human activities and their ecological impacts. His pieces often include layers of meaning, capturing the historical and emotional depth of places, particularly the old growth forests and endangered ecosystems of Canada. He employs a variety of mediums but primarily uses oil on canvas, which he manipulates to juxtapose loose brushwork with brilliant, sharp edges, creating dynamic and engaging scenes.

Overall, Jeremy Herndl’s art offers a profound reflection on the complex relationships between culture, nature, and identity, urging viewers to reconsider their views on nature and its representation in art​.

Jeremy was born in Surrey B.C. in 1972 and is now currently living in Victoria B.C. on the traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən peoples, today known as the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations



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