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German Mckenzie

German began his art career in 1980 in his native Colombia. He received a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Bogota, Jorge Tadeo Lozano. He later honed his talents through studies with Master of oil painting Zhu Wei Ming in Beijing, China. German moved to Canada and settle in Regina in 1989. Throughout his career, German’s art has been feature at many collective and solo exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Colombia, Romania, Germany, the United States and Canada. Additionally several private collectors of Fine Art and Corporations around the world proudly display German’s Art. He is also a muralist. German has been involved in numerous mural projects across Canada, some of his public art can be seen at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina as well as Humboldt and Duck Lake in Saskatchewan, Kenora and Emu in Ontario, and Stony Plain in Alberta.

“Since I moved to Victoria in 2017, I have been captivated by the surroundings of this place, the old buildings, the close proximity to the forest, the people I meet who come from different backgrounds, the weather etc. Currently, my art is a relationship between my feelings as a newcomer and the sense of discovery of this island. It is not a photographic replication that I am after, rather, it is the sum of individual strokes done by brushes and palette knives that permeates the canvas. I shift the replication to a more ephemeral imagery looking for the essence of this place. I often make work as a diary, documenting my experiences and how I respond to it. My paintings establish a link between external reality and the scene imagined and interpreted by the artist.”


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