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Dennis Brown


Saskatchewan was a great place to spend my youth as it gave me a deep appreciation for the landscape. I always had this desire to capture it through painting and started out using oil paints to do so. I switched to watercolors and acrylics as they presented further challenges when painting on location. They are still my medium of choice as they both have qualities of strength and sensitivity that I find essential for my art work. I create abstracts with strong color and bold design based on my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I take pleasure in the process of painting the things that I am passionate about. As long as I can remember art has allowed me to capture and express my relationship to the world. As I matured I wanted to share my experience. Now, I want to encourage others to share their experience. I can’t help but show up every day to the canvas in my studio wondering what emotion, memory or idea wants to come through me. It’s my passion that something you see in the art world allows you a tiny bit of freedom to know yourself and be yourself. I strongly believe it is my role as an artist to evoke awareness in the power of art to influence all mankind.


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