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Alanna Sparanese


“I am primarily a self taught, full time artist with nature as my muse and an passion to create. To translate the wonder of the natural world through the movement of my paint brush, molten wax dripping…my impetus. Layer after luminous layer, my paintings come to life, the essence of a glorious sky that ‘moved me’ that morning, or of a tree that gave me pause, admiring its naked strength. To capture these feelings and emotions in my work, a sense of calm rendered….my purpose is fulfilled .

Working with the encaustic medium and incorporating mixed media, I find the possibilities endless as to what can manifest on canvas. I find the medium both exciting and versatile to work with, using various elements of interest; collage, transfer, photographs, drawings and written material. Oil paints, dry pigments and oils sticks are used to create the desired colour palette of choice. From here… molten layers of pigmented wax are fused onto a substrate, rendering a luscious depth and transparent luminosity….speaking to both the visceral and tactile senses.”


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