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Listener-in-Residence: Phoning Seniors Together

In this time of crisis, unfortunately many seniors have been facing both ageist remarks and increased levels of social isolation. Victoria-based artist Libby Oliver has been working at the AGGV’s Listener-in-Residence at Luther Court, a non-profit senior care home, to build relationships through conversations with those residents. However, the facility is now on lockdown to the public to protect the seniors’ health, and the seniors are in need of conversations more than ever!

Join Oliver in her artistic pursuit to cultivate intergenerational connections and help ease loneliness. Sign up through our Google Survey, and we will connect you with a senior from Luther Court who is looking for some conversations through phone calls. We will also provide you with guidelines and conversation starters for your phone conversations. Time commitment can vary depending on your interest, but we suggest at least 10-15 minutes a week.

The Art Gallery will connect you to a senior in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Not interested in directly phoning seniors, but still want to help out? Broadmead Centre is looking for individuals to send virtual stories, art, photos, and letters to their residents. Please send through this web link (for resident’s name write “resident” and for care home write “Nigel House”).