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Partner School Inquiry

In fall 2016 we launched Partner School Inquiry, and established learning partnerships with Selkirk Montessori School, the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry and Stelly’s High School.

This program involves ongoing dialogue and collaboration with Partner School students, teachers and Gallery Educators over several months, focusing on learner-centered inquiry, with guiding questions such as: “Who makes art? Who decides if it is good art? Who is denied or left out of this process? How can art contribute to meaningful change?” In fall 2017 we will partner with a couple new schools. Interested in being one of them? Great! Contact us to discuss possibilities.

Click the links below to see and experience some of this inspiring, collaborative process so far!

Taking a place at the table: Art as Intervention in a Time of Reconciliation, by
Tasha Henry

Interviews with Students – Art as Intervention (Dec 2016)
Chek TV