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Family Sunday ‘Ingredients’ List

Please gather 4 ‘ingredients’ for our March 21 Family Sunday event so you can follow along with the Family Fun!

1. Connect to land:
Tera invites you to come to this virtual gathering in the colours of your favourite thing found in nature! She says “if you like digging in dirt, feel free to wear browns; Do you like the sky? Wear blues to purples to pinks, depending. Are you grateful for the rain? Maybe wear greys. Or is there a type of bird in your neighborhood with really cool colours? Wear something to say thank you to those parts of the land that you appreciate”.

2. Connect to What’s Around You:
Gather Found Things around the house that can make sounds & music! For example: Spoons, pots to bang, empty jugs or bottle (test it out first and make sure it can produce a good sound!) wooden utensils, boxes of cereal, another family member to clap hands with or kick heels with? toilet paper cardboard rolls filled with change and duct taped to make a shaker, any instruments you have!

3. Connect to your Body
Do you like to clap? Do you like to whistle? Do you prefer to tap your feet? Hoola hoop? Tapping on your body? Bring your body of specific body parts you wish to connect with.

4. Connect To your Wildness:
Discover and Gather your favourite animal sound. One that makes you feel free, expansive, calm… bring a feeling and an animal sound. Is it a dragon? a lion? a dinosaur? a parrot?

Don’t forget to also connect with the music! Email us your favourite song (or two!) to move to by March 18 for a chance to hear it played live during the event. Send to with the subject “I love this song!”