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Visualizing a Culture for Strangers

Chinese Export Paintings of the Nineteenth Century

October 24, 2014 - October 24, 2014

CURATED BY BARRY TILL | Founders Gallery

With nearly 100 paintings on exhibition, Visualizing a Culture for Strangers showcases the extensive and diverse subject matter of Chinese export paintings. Produced in trading posts for sale to Western customers, these collectible works were imported to Europe and later America in great quantities, illustrating the visual world of China desired by Westerners. Public and private life from urban and rural China is represented through scenes of trade, production, and agriculture. Included are images of flora and fauna; punishments and execution; festivals and religious activities; and, portraits of royalty and the general population.

This exhibition includes many works from a recent outstanding donation by Vancouver’s Hugh Hamilton and family, from the collection of Sir James Brabazon Urmston (1785-1850).

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