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Trees, Mountains and Streams

Chinese Landscape Paintings of the 20th Century

April 12, 2014 - April 12, 2014

Curated by Barry Till | Founders Gallery

For the past 1500 years, landscapes have formed the nucleus of Chinese painting. All of the skill that European artists devoted to portraiture, the Chinese have given to their passionate love of painting Nature. They have sought to portray an inner poetic reality rather than an outward likeness. They seek to realize, rather than copy, the natural world. 

Twentieth century Chinese painters have continued these age-old traditions as well as combining Western art ideas and techniques with Eastern ones. Chinese landscapes are often both romantic and tranquil, inviting the viewer to enter the scene and enjoy a walk along a path or a ride in a boat. Featuring 25 Chinese artists from the 20th century, the paintings are primarily from the extensive donations of Brian S. McElney.

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