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Tradition & Innovation in 20th Century Chinese Paintings

September 11, 1998 - September 11, 1998

China has the longest painting tradition in the world. To the Chinese, painting is the only true art. Twentieth century Chinese painting has developed in two major directions: one is the continuation of age-old painting traditions, while the other has looked to Western art for inspiration to give Chinese painting a new sense of social relevance.

Chinese painters are no longer isolated and ignorant of what is going on abroad. With the recovery of their artistic freedom and their pride, artists in China are once more producing wonderful works of art showing the beauty of the people and the things around them. Being exposed to both Oriental paintings and current Western art trends, many of these artists have developed their own new and innovative painting styles. There will be approximately 150 paintings in the exhibition from the renowned Brian S. McElney collection, the AGGV collection and other private lenders. The exhibition will include traditional paintings as well as abstracts, nudes and oil paintings.

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