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Tibetan Mandala & Butter Sculptures

January 5, 2000 - January 5, 2000

Eight Tibetan Monks from the Dzongkar Choede Monastery create a rare three-dimensional wooden mandala. One of the most impressive ritual performances in the Tibetan tradition, this is a North American first. A mandala is a circular design which represents the spiritual environment where deities live. It looks like a circle containing a symmetrical walled palace, with gates on the four sides surrounding a vast array of peaceful and wrathful deities. This sandalwood mandala ? which is 12 feet in diameter by six feet high ? represents Yamantaka?s sacred abode and the six worldly realms.

The monks will also produce a colourful butter which will be approximately 16 feet high; and as well they will chant each morning. In addition, a Tibetan astrologer will be available for consultation.

Besides offering us the rare opportunity of seeing the construction of a wooden mandala, the Tibetan monks bring some important sacred objects ? including statues, old masks, swords and the seventh Panchen Lama?s hat ? taken from their ancient Tibetan monastery after the Chinese Communist invasion of Tibet.

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