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Through the Looking Glass

A Modern Story from the Collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

May 16, 2014 - May 16, 2014

Guest Curated by Lee Plested | Ker and Centennial Galleries

Selected entirely from the collection of the AGGV, Through the Looking Glass is a survey of modern and contemporary art structured according to Lewis Carroll’s late nineteenth century tale of the same title. In the book, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the heroine starts out in the safe environs of her fire-lit library only to be led by curiosity through the refl ecting glass into a world of backwardness, distortion, “upside-downsiness,” and strange adventures. Much like the novel, the exhibition is organized chapter by chapter, drawing on the imagery of mirrors, playing cards, and chess.

Beginning with a portrait of Charles Baudelaire by Édouard Manet and concluding with recent works by major Canadian artists, the exhibition offers a new telling of 100 years of art history. Through the Looking Glass is curated by Lee Plested and will be accompanied by a range of educational and public programs.

Featuring works from: Louis Comfort Tiffany / Fernand Léger / Pablo Picasso / Lawren S. Harris / Marc Chagall / Sybil Andrews / Zhang Dazhuang / Jack Shadbolt / Sandra Meigs / Robert Youds / & many more

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