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The Salon

December 1, 2002 - December 1, 2002

To provide a sense of context of this ?fin-de-si?cle? period, we will be transforming the Graham Gallery into a late nineteenth century salon. In Canada, the “salons” or living-rooms of this period were generally sombre affairs, with dark patterned wallpaper above dark wooden wainscoting. Our Salon will also play on the concept of the official “Salon,” or the annual painting exhibition that took place in Paris (a tradition dating back to the late 17th century) in which paintings were hung practically in a “floor to ceiling” manner.

Our exhibition features a selection of European and Canadian paintings that would have been most appropriate in a bourgeois household at the fin-de-si?cle. Landscape, portrait, genre painting ? including still-lifes and animal paintings ? are representative of the Art Gallery?s collection from this period.

This selection of works provides an interesting study in contrast with the more radical aspects of Post-Impressionist styles of painting at the turn of the century.

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