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The LAB 3.2: Tamsin (T.) Clarke Fringe Lake Campsite

June 20, 2003 - June 20, 2003

Is Tom Thomson our Jim Morrison? Did Thomson?s mysterious death jettison him into his star status in Canadian Art? Star-making is a cultural phenomenon, one that we seem to be fascinated by, perhaps a product of Andy Warhol?s thoughts that everybody has a chance at fame. This exhibition originates in the examination of myths, truths and the stories told around the untimely deaths of cultural figures: actors, musicians and artists. The deaths of these figures have influenced the marketing and reception of their work. Cult figures such as Morrison and even Van Gogh are elevated in both public profile and collector?s status, as the public strives to reconcile romantic ideas about the lives, and deaths, of creative people.

T. Clark constructs a 16mm colour film installation in the LAB, involving running films looped back and forth across the Gallery through pulleys attached to the ceiling and back though the projector.  The film addresses Tom Thomson’s last canoeing trip, though the capturing of a miniature lake scene in the artist’s studio.  Clark sees this as an extension of her photography practice, using the movie camera in the process of creating still photography.

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