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The LAB 2.6: Daniel Laskarin Relapse (just like that)

February 7, 2003 - February 7, 2003

Relapse ( just like that ) came about as a continuation of my interest in those moments just before extreme events, during which our certainties collapse, our knowing becomes unsettled. It is at these times that something else is possible, even while we don’t know what it might be. It seems to me that the experience of time in everyday life is increasingly extreme, that we increasingly have the sense of existing just before some impending extreme event, and that within this time the possibility for thought itself is at risk.

With this work I have tried to extend the time of such a momentary event so that we might look at it more slowly, more thoughtfully. Initially this work was focussed on ideas of the (im)possibility of reflection within spectacular circumstances, and with ideas of continual collapse and regeneration. The video footage that Relapse uses was substantially completed before September 11, 2001. Those events changed the way that the work can be understood; it has become more complex and while its initial impulse may still be available, it is layered now with subsequent meanings, subsequent readings.

-Daniel Laskarin

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