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The Discerning Eye

The George and Lola Kidd Collection

March 11, 2005 - March 11, 2005

As supporters of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, George P. Kidd and Lola Kidd contributed an enormous amount of time, energy and commitment to our institution. They were also avid collectors and their collection grew to include works by some of the best Canadian artists working in the 20th century. The Gallery has been informed that we are a major beneficiary of George’s estate and important works from his personal collection will be donated to us.

It is most fitting that we celebrate the generosity and foresight of George and Lola Kidd through this exhibition, which features works by important Canadian artists as James Wilson Morrice, Maurice Cullen, Frederick Varley and J.E.H. MacDonald. As the Kidds were keen collectors of the decorative arts as well as Japanese prints, the exhibition also features pressed glass and a selection of prints by Hiroshi Yoshida.
We are pleased to report that, thanks to George’s generosity, the Art Gallery will be establishing a new memorial fund for the acquisition of works of art produced in British Columbia. Further, a substantial contribution is being added to the Gallery’s existing George and Lola Kidd Fund for the acquisition of objects in the decorative arts.

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