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Silent as Glue

Lynda Gammon, Matt Harle and Elspeth Pratt

February 18, 2011 - February 18, 2011

Silent As Glue is organized and circulated by Oakville Galleries.

This exhibition brings together work from three established North American artists, Lynda Gammon (Victoria, BC), Matt Harle (Beacon, NY) and Elspeth Pratt (Vancouver, BC). The common thread in their work is that it allows for a contemplative exploration of the relationships between architecture and space; handmade processes; the vernacular; humble everyday materials.The process for these three artists is derived from a strong studio based practice of exploration and experimentation with materials, form and structure. Curator Micah Lexier describes the works in this exhibition as the result of “large doses of intuition, a dialogue with art history, a play between restraint and love of materials, and the ambition of the artists to surprise and delight themselves and others.”

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