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Rodin & His Contemporaries Works from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada

April 6, 2007 - April 6, 2007

Presented by: Odlum Brown Limited.

Curated by Helen Delacretaz, Curator of Decorative and Fine Arts, Winnipeg Art Gallery

Auguste Rodin achieved great success and acclaim during his lifetime. He was a prominent figure within the art circles of Paris, the major art centre of the early decades of the 20th century. His friendships and relationships with his peers are documented in this exhibition with portraits done by other artists and innovators. An accomplished printmaker, Rodin’s drypoint works, which were inspired by his sculpture are also included in the exhibition. Within the rich artistic circles of Paris, Rodin met and socialized with other prominent artists, such as Marcel Duchamp, Auguste Renoir, Anders Zorn, Edward Steichen and Eug’ne Carri’re. Portraits of Rodin by these influential artists provide an intimate documentation of these relationships. Also included in this exhibition are works by Rodin done in drypoint. Although best known for his sculptural works, Rodin was also an accomplished printmaker. In 1881 fellow artist Alphonse Legros instructed him in the technique of drypoint on copper. His first drypoint was Love Turning the World (circa 1881) which reflects his more decorative work. Rodin’s Bust of Bellona (c. 1882-1885) has stylistic links to the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo whom Rodin greatly admired.

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