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Robert Youds: beautifulbeautiful artificial field

August 17, 2007 - August 17, 2007

This is the first solo exhibition for local artist Robert Youds to be presented at the Art Gallery in over a decade. Driven by a fascination with systems of perception, space, colour, light, representation and abstraction, Youds has explored a multitude of forms of practice over the years which predominately revolve around discourses on painting, sculpture, and perception. The exhibition will present works from the past 10 years of his production, and include a new site specific installation, drawing on the explorations of recent light works.

Recognizing that painting has been largely governed by a history of the depiction of natural light, I grew fascinated by the subject of the artificial field by which we live day-to-day, says Youds. By the mid-1990s Youds became more and more interested in the physical space in which painting and objects within a room were surrounded. “Space, abstraction, perception, light, and the beholder, are the key ingredients to my meditations on the world.

A full colour catalogue will be produced with the exhibition including texts by American critics Barry Schwabsky and Saul Ostrow, and interview with Canadian painter Karin Davie.

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