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Paul Drury: A Centennial Exhibition

September 26, 2003 - September 26, 2003

This exhibition of works by Paul Drury celebrates the artist’s centenary. Born in 1903, Drury studied at Goldsmiths College, the University of London’s School of Art. He quickly mastered the technique and properties specific to printmaking and thus was able to produce prints reflecting great subtlety and skill very early in his career.

His total oeuvre includes fewer than 100 completed images, yet these landscapes and portraits are of considerable interest since they perpetuate the best of the tradition of printmaking in the United Kingdom. The exhibition features prints from all periods of the artist’s career as well as working drawings and selections from the artist’s sketchbooks. In 1994, Mr. David Lemon of Vancouver, made a significant gift of 450 individual prints, drawings, studies and notebooks to the Art Gallery?s collection. We are proud to present a selection of the highlights from this collection since these also constitute a tribute to a print master.

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