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Prints by First Nations Women

June 8, 2019 - January 26, 2020 Curated by Guest Curator Margaret August | The Lab Gallery

Two-Spirited, Coast Salish artist from Shíshálh Nation, Margaret August brings together a selection of prints in celebration of the First Nations women that inspire her.  Matriarchs: Prints by First Nations Women continues aspects of the work started in last years exhibition Form as Meaning: First Nations Prints from the Pacific Northwest. Through the research done by Marcia Crosby, lessLIE, Lou-ann Neel, and Alana Sayers for Form as Meaning, it was evident that there were many layers and connections between artists working in prints in this region. It was also clear that there was a lack of women artists represented in the AGGV collection of First Nations prints. This project, Matriarchs: Prints by First Nations Women, offers a way to build that area of the collection, but more importantly, aims to builds stronger relationships with the artists. Margaret August engaged in visits with artists for this exhibition and will share how her own evolution as an artist is guided by, and a continuum of, the work of these iconic Matriarchs.

This intergenerational exhibition will feature work by: Margaret August, Kelly Cannell, Francis Dick, Lou-ann Neel, Sage Paul, Susan Point, Marika Echachis Swan, and Carrielynn Victor.

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