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LAB 5.4: Wish You Were Here (At Odds with Emily) d. bradley muir

December 16, 2005 - December 16, 2005

d. bradley muir revisits the Vancouver Island sites of Emily Carr’s paintings, in particular Odds and Ends (1939) and Above the Gravel Pit (1937), to create a series of large-format colour photographs that document the contemporary state of her inspirations. muir’s work as a contemporary photographer examines urban sprawl and the irreversible and contradictory effects that come from the quest for ideal land for the ideal home. Wish You Were Here (At Odds with Emily) is a project designed for The LAB, which positions the historical work of Emily Carr within muir’s contemporary art practice to examine Carr’s work and the shifting landscape of Vancouver Island. The project is also intended to question the assimilation of once avant-garde work into the mainstream.

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