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LAB 5.3: Multitasker Megan Dickie

October 21, 2005 - October 21, 2005

Megan Dickie worked with the Art Gallery’s Collections Department to create Multitasker. She says “I had imagined that the employees performed orderly, precise tasks, walked around with white gloves all day and fantasized about their favourite object in the collection. I soon found out that working in the Collections Department was about working.” After interviewing the staff, Dickie created “hand enhancers” for each subject: a series of five silicone prosthetic-like gloves designed to assist in their workday. The final project is not only custom-fitted to the employee, but also modular enough for use by other staff. Multitasker utilizes the “dominant hand” as subject matter, relating to Dickie’s interest in the hand’s ability to depict tactile sensations and to disclose what is usually concealed, revealing some of the physical qualities of the hidden collections space, and work experiences of the staff that are not usually public.

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