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December 3, 2002 - December 3, 2002

This exhibition features works on paper produced by a number of artists associated with Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Using works from our own collection as well as works generously lent by our good friend George Wallace, this exhibition shows how artists at the turn of the century used the drawn line as an expressive tool for printmaking through various media — etching plates, wood block prints and lithography.

Etchings, such as those by Zorn and Whistler reveal how great draughtsmen used the etching plate with an acute sensitivity, allowing them to reproduce on a plate the delicate nature of their quick drawing gesture. Artists such as Vlaminck found an interesting medium for their angular forms by transferring them to wood block prints. Other artists, including Matisse, were able to convey the sensuality of the odalisque in a few lines deftly drawn on the lithographic stone.

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