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Harold Mortimer-Lamb

The Art Lover

November 15, 2013 - November 15, 2013

Guest Curated by Robert Amos | Pollard Gallery

Who was Harold Mortimer-Lamb? The first to write about A.Y. Jackson; the leading pre-WWI Canadian art photographer; and father of Molly Lamb Bobak. He was a patron of Frederick H. Varley; associate of photographer John Vanderpant; neighbour of Lawren Harris; and friend of Jack and Doris Shadbolt. At the age of 70, he married Varley’s 30-year-old model and lover, artist Vera Weatherbie. They enjoyed 28 years of marriage.

The Mortimer-Lambs’ estate arrived at the Gallery in 1978; since then, Robert Amos has been researching the story of Harold Mortimer-Lamb: The Art Lover. The exhibition features Mortimer-Lamb’s photographs and paintings, and works by the many artists in his life.

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