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Form as Meaning

First Nations Prints from the Pacific Northwest

January 20, 2018 - June 17, 2018 Graham Gallery | Co-curated by Marcia Crosby, lessLIE, Lou-ann Neel and Alana Sayers

Explore the language, history and current state of First Nations prints with co-curators: Marcia Crosby, lessLIE, Lou-ann Neel, and Alana Sayers. With a wealth of personal, cultural and art historical knowledge the co-curators have selected works from our permanent collection to discuss how these prints function as a form of communication similar to spoken or written language. The visual narrative embedded in these works can function as a means of cultural transmission, storytelling, and resistance. Through this discussion and exhibition, we hope to highlight the impact that these artists have had on their communities and the generations of First Nations artists working in the Pacific Northwest.

Our holdings of First Nations prints has been built primarily through the generosity of donors. As an institution, we are working to forge stronger relationships with the artists and communities that these works come from in order to better understand how to care for and present these works. Through the generous participation of our co-curators and their sharing of their knowledge of these works, our goal is to move forward with a deeper understanding of the prints in our collection and the artists who made them.

We are delighted to announce that the Lekwungen Traditional Dancers will be performing and sharing stories starting at noon during the Public Open House on Jan 20. Come enjoy the song, dance and stories of this beloved group, and explore the language, history and current state of First Nations prints. Free admission.


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