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Fantastic Frameworks: Architectural Utopias + Designs for Life

October 6, 2006 - October 6, 2006

Curated by Lisa Baldissera. How do individuals organize themselves in private and public spaces social, temporal, geographic, psychological, political, architectural and erotic and participate in the design of everyday experience Fantastic Frameworks examines utopian ideals and design impulses used to structure, formalize and contemplate daily life. This exhibition offers experimental models for experience and examines the architecture of thought, obsession, imagination and a wide range of utopian visions through the work of nationally and internationally significant artists and architects including Antonia Hirsch (Vancouver), Andrea Zittel (Joshua Tree, CA), composer Christopher Butterfield (Victoria), Katrina Moorhead (Houston, TX), Claes Oldenburg (New York, NY), Paul Pfeiffer (New York, NY), A. G. Rizzoli, architect Greg Lynn (Venice, CA), Yayoi Kusama (Tokyo, Japan), Roland Brener, Fred Douglas, Hanne Darboven (Hamburg, Germany), Brenda Pelkey (Windsor, ON), Ren Francisco (Havana, Cuba), Mariko Mori (New York, NY) and the late Victoria-based Canadian architect, John Di Castri. Also included is From Weimar to Tokyo,a viewing section of historical and contemporary films that explore concepts of futuristic architecture, engineering and the evolution of structural design for cinema. (Curated by Nicole Stanbridge)

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